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Recommendation for Experimental Studies on the Seismic Behavior of Steel Components and Materials.
Krawinkler, H.; Zohrei, M.; Lashkari-Irvani, B.; Cofie, N. G.; Hadidi-Tamjed, H.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 1983, 268 p.
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Results are presented of a study undertaken to identify parameters and testing programs that will permit an evaluation of deterioration and closeness to failure of a component which is part of a structure that may be subjected to severe earthquakes of random character. Testing standards and experimental procedures employed by the research community are reviewed and the purpose of component experimentation is explained from the viewpoint of performance assessment. Low-cycle fatigue properties of structural steel are discussed and the cyclic stress-strain properties of A36 structural steel are analyzed. The seismic response parameters needed for damage evaluation and performance assessment of structural components and for development of representative cyclic loading histories are studied.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Steel structures; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Fatigue (Materials); Computer applications; Cyclic loads; Stress strain diagrams; Crack initiation; Dynamic structural analysis