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Effects of Bond Deterioration on Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Joints.
Filippou, F. C.; Popov, E. P.; Bertero, V. V.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 1983, 215 p.
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The work presented in this report is concerned with developing an analytical model which describes the hysteretic behavior of reinforced concrete beam-column joints. The model takes into account the interaction of reinforcing steel and surrounding concrete through bond and the deterioration of such interaction under cyclic deformation reversals. The cyclic deterioration of bond results in relative slippage of reinforcing bars with respect to concrete thus giving rise to significant concentrated rotations at the beam-column interface. The model is presented for interior joints, its extension to exterior joints and girder inelastic regions is indicated.
Deterioration; Mechanical hystereses; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Dissimilar materials bonding; Loads (Forces); Reinforcing materials; Joints; Reinforced concrete; Columns (Supports); Slip (Mechanical); Mathematical models; Deformation; Bars; Cyclic loads; Dynamic structural analysis