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Seismic Response of Composite Masonry in New and Existing Structures.
Anand, S. C.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., November 1984, 44 p.
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This report summarizes the results of experimental and analytical research on the behavior of composite masonry walls, subjected to inplane loads on only one wythe. Most of the effort in this research has been focused on the determination of shear stresses in the collar joint, both analytically and experimentally, due to the vertically applied loads on the block wythe. Finite element models have also been developed to predict these shear stresses due to creep in composite masonry, and due to shrinkage and moisture expansion. Some success has been achieved to estimate the variation of shear stresses in the collar joint computationally. The experimental results have given the average values of shear stresses in the collar joint at which delamination of the two wythes in a composite wall takes place. Recommendations for future research are presented.
Composite structures; Creep properties; Fittings; Earthquake engineering; Loads (Forces); Masonry; Shrinkage; Joints (Junctions); Finite element analysis; Walls; Mathematical models; Structural analysis; Shear stress; Moisture; Seismic waves