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EAGD-84: A Computer Program for Earthquake Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams.
Fenves, G.; Chopra, A. K.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 1984, 99 p.
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This report documents the use of the computer program EAGD-84 which implements a general analytical procedure for the evaluation of the earthquake response of concrete gravity dams, including the effects of dam-water-foundation rock interaction and of materials such as alluvium and sediments, at the bottom of reservoirs. The development of an appropriate idealization of the system is discussed, the required input data to the computer program are described, the output is explained, and the response results from a sample analysis are presented. The present version of the computer program incorporates major extensions and improvements of the earlier version.
Gravity dams; Alluvium; Rocks; Dynamic structural analysis; Water; Earthquake engineering; Computer programs; Earthquakes; Foundations; Soil dynamics; Reservoirs; Concrete dams; EAGD-84 computer program; Sediments; Seismic waves