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Simplified Analysis for Earthquake Resistant Design of Concrete Gravity Dams.
Fenves, G.; Chopra, A. K.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 1986, 160 p.
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A two-stage procedure was proposed in 1978 for the analysis phase of elastic design and safety evaluation of concrete gravity dams: (1) a simplified analysis procedure in which the response due only to the fundamental vibration mode is estimated directly from the earthquake design spectrum; and (2) a refined response history analysis procedure for finite element idealizations of the dam monolith. The former was recommended for the preliminary design and safety evaluation of dams, and the latter for accurately computing the dynamic response and checking the adequacy of the preliminary evaluation. In the report, the simplified analysis procedure has been extended to include the effects of dam-foundation rock interaction and of reservoir bottom sediments, in addition to the effects of dam-water interaction and water compressibility included in the earlier procedure. Also included now in the simplified procedure is a 'static correction' method to consider the response contributions of the higher vibration modes.
; Gravity dams; Dynamic response; Rocks; Earthquakes; Vibration; Mechanical properties; Reservoir; Safety; Monoliths; Elastic analysis; Design; Sediments