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Seismic Design Guidelines for Federal Buildings.
Leyendecker, E. V.
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC., February 1987, 112 p.
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The document has been prepared as a coordinated adaptation of existing voluntary standards, model building codes, Federal regulations, and research reports for use by Federal agencies. The technical content is similar to the seismic requirements of the 1985 Uniform Building Code (UBC). However, there are instances of substantive difference from the UBC. Several important provisions have been incorporated from other sources considered in the adaptation. For example, the seismic zone map is the one in current use in ANSI A58.1-1982 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. A number of provisions have been added to these guidelines that are based on the current practices and policies of various Federal Agencies. Furthermore, in the spirit of improvement, the document is organized considerably differently from the UBC and many provisions are phrased differently.
Buildings; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Government buildings; Guidelines; Seismic design; Federal buildings; Standards