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Proceedings of the US-PRC (Peoples Republic of China) Joint Workshop on Seismic Resistance of Masonry Structures Held at Harbin, China on May 21-23, 1986.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., January 1986, 462 p.
The workshop has discussed six subject areas through presentations and open discussions. (1) Methods for seismic design of new masonry construction and strengthening of exisiting buildings. (2) Behavior and response of brick masonry structures and measures for mitigating damage. (3) Behavior and response of block masonry structures and measures for mitigating potential damage. (4) Earthquake simulation tests of model block structures. (5) Evaluation and strengthening techniques for brick and block structures. (6) Damage prediction and reliability analysis for masonry structures.
Foreign technology; Buildings; Joint ventures; Earthquake resistant structures; Meetings; Masonry; Structural design; Reinforced concrete; China; Construction materials; United States