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Experimental Evaluation of Instantaneous Optimal Algorithms for Structural Control.
Lin, R. C.; Soong, T. T.; Reinhorn, A. M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., April 20, 1987, 64 p.
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In a continuing effort to determine the feasibility of applying optimal control to building structures, a comprehensive experimental study was carried out using a standardized structural model under base excitation supplied by the Seismic Simulator at SUNY/Buffalo. Based upon computer simulated and experimental results, the report presents a comparison of efficiencies of several optimal control algorithms using instantaneous optimal criteria, including time delay compensation. All investigations were done under similar conditions to permit a systematic evaluation of efficiency. Comparisons were also made between analytical and experimental results and between instantaneous control algorithms and classical closed-loop linear feedback. Conclusions are drawn regarding relative merits of control algorithms considered under varying conditions.
; Earthquakes; Automatic control; Feedback control; Structures; Computerized simulation; Seismology; Algorithms