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Full Scale Experimental Testing of Retrofit Devices Used for Reinforced Concrete Bridges.
Selna, L. G.; Malvar, L. J.
Federal Highway Administration, Sacramento, CA. California Div.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; California State Dept. of Transportation, Sacramento., June 1987, 66 p.
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The seismic strengthening of California bridges began after the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake. Many of the bridge collapses which occurred were attributed to the loss of vertical support at the expansion joints. To ameliorate this problem, structural devices which prevent the opening of expansion joints were developed and deployed in California's highway bridges. Three of the devices which were used are: (1) the type C1 cable restrainer, (2) the bar restrainer, and (3) the deck slab bracket restrainer. The strength and load-deflection properties of the expansion joints with the structural devices installed is evaluated with full scale experimental testing.
; Expansion joints; Test equipment; Civil engineering; Hinges; High strength concretes; Stress analysis; Highway bridges; Earthquakes; Structural design; Reinforced concrete; Zinc coatings; Structural engineering; California; Seismology; Bridges (Structures); Stresses; Girder bridges