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Seismic Design of Monolithic Bridge Abutments.
Crouse, C. B.; Hushmand, B.; Liang, G.; Martin, G.; Wood, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Directorate for Engineering., July 1986, 127 p.
The objective of the research was to investigate the soil-structure interaction characteristics between monolithic bridge abutments and the surrounding soil. The investigation consisted of: (1) vibration tests on the Horsethief Bridge, a single span structure with monolithic abutments, located near Corona, California; and (2) static and dynamic tests on a 1/100 scale model of this bridge in the centrifuge at the California Institute of Technology. The test results, which revealed significant soil-structure interaction, were predicted reasonably well by finite element models of both bridge-soil systems. Further research would be helpful to: (1) complete the understanding of the behavior of monolithic abutments during lateral seismic loading; and (2) translate the results into a design guide suitable for direct use by the bridge engineer.
Seismic effect; Abutments; Vibration tests; Dynamic tests; Earthquake engineering; Highway bridges; Soil mechanics