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Wind and Seismic Effects. Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects (20th) Held in Gaithersburg, Maryland on May 17-20, 1988.
Raufaste, N. J.
January 1989, 496 p.
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The 20th Joint Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects was held at the National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland from May 17-20, 1988. The proceedings of the Joint Meeting, includes the program, list of members, panel resolutions, task committee reports, and technical papers. The papers covered five themes: Wind engineering, Earthquake engineering, Storm Surge and Tsunamis, Summary of U.S.-Japan Cooperative Research Program, and Two decades of accomplishments and challenges for the future.
Seismic design; Bridges (Structures); Dynamic loads; Seismic waves; Standards; Earth movements; Tsuamis; Risk assessments; Storm surges; Soil mechanics; Forecasting; Buildings; Meetings; Ocean waves; Design criteria; Structural engineering; Wind pressure; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis