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Nonlinear Earthquake Response of Concrete Gravity Dam Systems.
El-Aidi, B.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 21, 1988, 202 p.
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The earthquake response of concrete gravity dam systems is investigated with emphasis on the nonlinear behavior associated with tensile concrete cracking and water cavitation. A single dam-monolith is considered and is assumed to respond independently as a two-dimensional system under plane stress conditions. The two-dimensional assumption is also extended to model the compressible water body impounded upstream of the dam. Standard displacement-based finite element techniques are used to spatially discretize the field equations and produce a single symmetric matrix equation for the dam-water system. Energy dissipation in the reservoir, through radiation in the infinite upstream direction and absorption at the bottom, is approximately accounted for, and a set of numerical examples is presented to demonstrate the accuracy of the present formulation in modeling the linear earthquake response of infinite reservoirs. An approximate procedure to account for dam-foundation interaction is incorporated based on the response of a rigid plate attached to a three-dimensional viscoelastic half-space.
; Gravity dams; Response; Cracking (Fracturing); Viscoelasticity; Earthquakes; Cavitation; Rigid foundations; Tensile stress; Displacement; Concrete structures; Mathematical models