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Fundamentals of System Identification in Structural Dynamics.
Imai, H.; Yun, C. B.; Maruyama, O.; Shinozuka, M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., January 26, 1989, 62 p.
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Examined in the study are methods of identification for structural dynamic systems relevant to the linear and nonlinear behavior of structures subjected to such environmental loads as ground motion due to earthquakes, wind-generated pressure and wind-induced ocean wave forces. Emphasis is placed on those methods that can be used in on-line field experiment situations. These methods include the least squares, instrumental variable, maximum likelihood and a method utilizing the extended Kalman filter. In order to verify the validity of these methods, numerical simulation studies are carried out utilizing mathematical models of a suspension bridge, offshore tower and building structure. On the basis of such simulation studies, the efficiency of these methods are investigated under several conditions of observational noise.
Wind (Meteorology); Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering; Ocean waves; Loads (Forces); Measurement; Statistical analysis; Mathematical models; Nonlinear systems; Dynamic structural analysis