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Shaking Table Study of a 1/5 Scale Steel Frame Composed of Tapered Members.
Chang, K. C.; Hwang, J. S.; Lee, G. C.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 18, 1989, 56 p.
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Behavior of a 1/5 scale gable frame structure composed of tapered members subjected to the El Centro earthquake ground motion applied through a shaking table was observed. The test structure was designed according to the AISC working stress design method. The width-thickness ratio of the flange and the depth-thickness ratio of the web were selected to satisfy the requirements of the compact section. The unbraced length was also proportioned to meet the compact section criteria determined from the section dimensions of the small end. The structural failure to due to lateral buckling of rafters. No premature local buckling prior to lateral buckling was observed. In addition, the experimentally determined ultimate strength of the test structure was compared with those predicted by AISC LRFD, AS 1250, and BS 5950. The experimental results were also compared with those of a shaking table study of a similarly designed gable frame composed of prismatic members.
Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Rafters; Seismic design; Gable frame structures; Scale models; Shaking tables; Stress testing