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Digital Near Source Accelerograms Recorded by Instrumental Arrays in Tangshan, China. Part 1.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; State Seismological Bureau, Harbin (China). Inst. of Engineering Mechanics., January 1989, 259 p.
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A joint research project on strong ground motion measurement has been established in China. In the first phase of the project, from April 1981 to December 1984, 22 Kinemetrics PDR-1 Digital Event Recorders equipped with FBA-13 Force Balance Accelerometers, and 18 Kinemetrics SMA-1 Analog Accelerographs were deployed in China. Of this total, 13 PDR-1 and 3 SMA-1 instruments were deployed in a surface array and a three-dimensional array in the aftershock region of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. These two arrays recorded a total of 1053 near-source accelerograms from 416 earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from ML = 1.2 to 5.7. The source-station distances ranged from 2 to 45 kilometers. Most of the records contain the complete P- and S-wave motion along with accurate absolute time. Both the volume and quality of the accelerograms are much greater than ever before obtained in China. In the report, 218 of the most significant accelerograms are published. The data was obtained from earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from ML = 2.3 to 5.7. All of the data reproduced in the report is available on 9-track computer tape.
Graphs (Charts); Earthquakes; Accelerograms; Ground motion; China