NEHRP Clearinghouse

Building and Fire Research Project Summaries, 1992.
Raufaste, N. J.
March 1992, 162 p.
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Construction is one of the Nation's largest industries. The 1992 industrial outlook says, in 1991, new construction was $415 billion, about 7.3 percent of the U.S. Gross National Product. During the same period, costs of unwanted fires exceeded $100 billion annually. The quality of constructed facilities directly affects the productivity of the U.S. building and fire community and affects the safety and quality of life of all constructed facilities. Over two-thirds of the Nation's fixed reproducible wealth is invested in the constructed facilities. The report summarizes BFRL's research for 1992. The report is arranged by its research programs: structural engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical and environmental systems, fire science and engineering, and fire measurement and research. Each summary lists the project title, the BFRL point of contact, sponsor, research, and recent results.
; Concretes; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Abstracts; Refrigerating machinery; Flammability; Structural engineering; Construction materials; Fire safety; Research projects; Fires; Construction industry