NEHRP Clearinghouse

Earthquake Engineering Research Center Annual Report, 1991-92.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., October 1992, 60 p.
The Earthquake Engineering Research Center exists to conduct research and develop technical information in all areas pertaining to earthquake engineering, including strong ground motion, response of natural and manmade structures to earthquakes, design of structures to resist earthquakes, development of new systems for earthquake protection, and development of architectural and public policy aspects of earthquake engineering. The purpose of the Center is achieved through three major functions. The first and primary function is academic research that is performed by graduate students, research engineers, and visiting postdoctoral scholars working with the Center's faculty participants. The research is funded by extramural grants awarded to individual faculty participants from private, state, and federal agencies.
; Grants; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Meetings; Training; Earthquakes; Protection; Management; Contracts; Research projects