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Hurricanes, Storms and Tornadoes: Geographic Characteristics and Geological Activity.
Nalivkin, D. V.
cJanuary 1982, 609 p.
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One of the main purposes of the book is to draw the attention of our geographers and geologists to one significant and important factor which has not yet received the attention it deserves. The factor is the extraordinarily fast, often catastrophic movement of the air currents variously called hurricanes, storms and tornadoes. The book is divided into two parts--geographical and geological. The geographical part includes brief descriptions of hurricanes, storms and tornadoes mainly as geographical phenomena. It consists of three corresponding sections. The second part--geological--mainly concerns the effect of hurricanes, storms and tornadoes on sedimentation and the distribution of marine organisms. A brief description of the effect of atmospheric catastrophes on the static condition of the earth's surface, particularly on the earthquakes and formations of faults and anomalies, is also given.
Wind (Meteorology); Atmospheric circulation; Foreign technology; Storms; Air land interactions; Air water interactions; Earthquakes; Marine meteorology; Geology; Translations; Marine microorganisms; Environmental transport; Meteorology; Air currents; Ocean currents; Sedimentation; Geography; Hurricanes; Tornadoes; Geological faults