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Seismic Performance Study, RCJ Hotel.
Hart, G. C.; Englekirk, R. E.; Jaw, J. W.; Srinivasan, M.; Huang, S. C.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., February 1992, 58 p.
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The Seismic Performance Study of the RCJ Hotel was conducted as part of the Technical Coordination on Masonary Research (TCCMAR) program to study and calibrate the recently developed Limit State Design Standards for Masonry Structures (LSDS). The fundamental objective of the Task 2 Research was to develop analytical models for masonry elements and systems that were validated using the comparison of predicted and measured laboratory tests performed by other TCCMAR researchers. The RCJ hotel is a four story masonry wall building with precast planks for the floors and roof and was designed by the LSDS standard. The study consisted of a threefold analytical approach - SAP90, DRAIN-2DX and SCM modeling. Results from all three approaches are presented in the report. Although a few general conclusions can be drawn from the results, the final Task 2 Summary Report will summarize and make specific recommendations and criticisms.
; Floors; Performance evaluation; Tests; Earthquake resistant structures; Masonry; Commercial buildings; Comparison; Roofs; Walls; Stiffness; Design criteria; Precast concrete; Recommendations; Mathematical models; Standards