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Influence of Foundation Model on the Uplifting of Structures.
Kariotis, J. C.; El-Mustapha, A. M.; Ewing, R. D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., July 1988, 41 p.
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The influence of three different foundation models on the dynamic response of uplifting structures is investigated. The three models are an elastic spring with high viscous damping, an elasto-plastic spring with low viscous damping, and an elasto-plastic spring with low viscous damping and impact damping. An algorithm to generate the nonlinear equations of motion within an existing general purpose program is presented. An impact damping mechanism is developed and implemented as part of the numerical scheme presented. A specific foundation model is selected and used in the analysis of two buildings designed according to the NEHRP document. The response of these two buildings with fixed base and uplifting support conditions is also presented.
; Dynamic response; Earthquake damage; Buildings; Damping; Earthquake engineering; Loads (Forces); Foundations; Uplift pressure; Earth movements; Degrees of freedom; Displacement; Soil mechanics; Mathematical models; Algorithms; Dynamic structural analysis