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Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures Designed Only for Gravity Loads: Part 1. Design and Properties of a One-Third Scale Model Structure.
Bracci, J. M.; Reinhorn, A. M.; Mander, J. B.
New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 1, 1992, 181 p.
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The report is Part I of a three-part series prepared for a comprehensive Evaluation of typical gravity load designed low-rise reinforced concrete frame buildings (lightly reinforced concrete structures) for seismic adequacy. The study was done at State University of New York at Buffalo - Earthquake Simulation Laboratory on a 1:3 scale building model designed for gravity loads only. No considerations were made for seismic resistance and the general non-seismic detailing provisions of ACI-318-89 were used for the design. The one-third scale three story model, one-bay by three-bay, of a typical office building was constructed to represent the critical interior bay of a prototype structure.
; Retrofitting; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Loads (Forces); Seismic design; Reinforced concrete; Office buildings; Scale models; Framed structures; Dynamic structural analysis