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Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures Designed Only for Gravity Loads: Part 2. Experimental Performance of Subassemblages.
Aycardi, L. E.; Mander, J. B.; Reinhorn, A. M.
New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 1, 1992, 163 p.
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The report presents the study of four column specimens (with and without lap splice), and two beam-column (exterior and interior) subassemblages of a one-third scale model of a prototype designed for gravity loads according to ACI 318 non-seismic detailing were subjected to axial load and cyclic lateral displacements. Part I of this evaluation series of reports presents the design of the prototype, model construction, shaking table testing program, and the experimental identification of structural characteristics from minor base motions. Finally, the experimental and analytical performance of the one-third scale model during moderate and severe ground motions is presented in Part III of this evaluation series.
; Ground motion; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Seismic design; Lateral pressure; Soil structure interactions; Reinforced concrete; Columns (Supports); Scale models; Lap joints; Mathematical models; Subassemblies; Framed structures; Cyclic loads; Retrofitting