NEHRP Clearinghouse

Base Isolation: Fresh Insight.
Shustov, V.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 15, 1993, 48 p.
The objective of the research is a further development of the engineering concept of seismic isolation. For every pliant systems such as base isolated structures with relatively low bearing stiffness and with artificially added heavy damping mechanism, the so called 'damping' force may occur even the main pushing force at an earthquake. Thus, one of the two basic pillars of the common seismic isolation philosophy, namely, the doctrine of usefulness and necessity of a strong damping mechanism, is turning out to be a self-deception, sometimes even jeopardizing the safety of structures and discrediting the very idea of seismic isolation.
Damping; Absorption; Earthquake resistant structures; Base isolation; Seismic design; Foundations; Soil-structure interactions; Displacement; Mathematical models; Isolators; Mechanical vibrations; Seismic isolation; Seismic waves