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Proceedings from the U.S.-Japan Workshop on Earthquake Protective Systems for Bridges (1st). Held in Buffalo, New York on September 4-5, 1991.
Buckle, I. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany., February 4, 1992, 613 p.
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The comprehensive workshop comprised the presentation and discussion of 29 papers which covered a wide range of topics including seismic isolation hardware, the testing of isolated bridges and components, active control and hybrid systems, design issues and applications, long span bridges, seismic retrofit and new construction. Fruitful discussion on many issues of common concern took place. Of particular interest was the difference in philosophy between menshin design in Japan and seismic isolation as practiced in the United States. The need to lengthen the period of vibration is not so important (in Japan) as the requirement to keep joint clearances small. Other issues included joint design, displacement restraint devices, and durability of isolation hardware in the field. A set of resolutions were adopted by the meeting regarding future cooperation between the United States and Japan. These resolutions are contained herein.
Bearings; Earthquake resistant structures; Meetings; Seismic design; Vibration damping; Japan; Buffalo (New York); Bridges; Retrofitting