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Estimating Out-of-Plane Strength of Cracked Masonry Infills.
Shapiro, D.; Uzarski, J.; Webster, M.; Angel, R.; Abrams, D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., March 1994, 20 p.
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The primary objective of the research project was to determine the transverse (out-of-plane) seismic strength of unreinforced masonry infill panels that have been cracked with in-plane lateral forces. The goal of the research was to develop a simple method that practicing engineers could use for evaluating strength of infill panels that have been damaged in earthquakes. In addition, the feasibility of using a low-cost repair of rehabilitation technique for improving transverse strength was examind. A total of 22 tests were run on eight large-scale masonry infill panels that were constructed in a single bay, single story reinforced concrete frame. Test panels were first subjected to in-plane load reversals to create a pre-existing cracked, damaged state for the subsequent out-of-plane tests which were done with an air bag. Following this test sequence, selected damaged panels were repaired and retested.
; Masonry; Cracking (Fracturing); Seismic design; Reinforced concrete; Retrofitting; Frames; Earthquake engineering; Strength; Mechanical properties; Bridging; Lateral pressure