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3D-BASIS-TABS: Version 2.0 Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Three Dimensional Base Isolated Structures.
Reinhorn, A. M.; Nagarajaiah, S.; Constantinou, M. C.; Tsopelas, P.; Li, R.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany., June 22, 1994, 170 p.
This report describes the development of computer program 3D-BASIS-TABS Version 2.0. The new program is an enhanced version of 3D-BASIS-TABS. The report should be viewed as a continuation and addition to previous reports NCEER-93-0011 and NCEER-91-0005. The enhancements that have been made include: (1) addition of new isolation elements; (2) models of nonlinear dampers and other hysteretic elements; (3) additional verification; (4) addition of several new example problems; (5) new input/output format for easier usage; and (6) updated user's manual.
3D-BASIS-TABS computer program; Earthquake resistant structures; Structural vibration; Dynamic response; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Vibration damping; Stiffness; Computer programs; Vibration isolators; Bearings; Dynamic structural analysis