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Attenuation of Strong Ground Motion Displacements.
Gregor, N. J.
June 1995, 238 p.
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This study is the sixth in a series concerned with the interpretation and analysis of seismograms of strong ground motion recorded by accelerometers. The first five were based on measurements from arrays, and dealt with the spatial variability of the ground motions, and the estimation of inputs for multi-supported structures. Such studies flourished after the large SMART1 data set became available after 1980. The main thrust of the present research has been directed to the measurement of seismic ground displacement from California earthquakes, selected from those with published maps of the distribution of slip on the causative fault plane. The aim has been to understand more clearly the variation of the maximum wave displacement amplitude, and its attenuation with distance, with engineering applications in mind.
; Seismic waves; Rock mechanics; Earthquake resistant structures; Geologic faults; Earthquakes; Amplitude; Earth movements; Seismograms; Attenuation; California; Statistical analysis; Seismology; Soil mechanics; Geologic processes; Structual engineering; Displacements