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Earthquake Analysis and Response of Concrete Arch Dams, July 1995.
Tan, H.; Chopra, A. K.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., July 1995, 188 p.
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The objectives of the study are: (1) to develop an effective procedure for analyzing the response of concrete arch dams to earthquake ground motion, including the effects of dam-foundation rock interaction with inertia and damping of the foundation rock considered, dam-water interaction, and reservoir boundary absorption; (2) to identify the limitations of the 'standard' analysis procedure which considers the flexibility of the foundation rock but ignores its inertia and damping - material and radiation - effects; and (3) to study the effects of dam-foundation rock interaction in the presence of dam-water interaction and reservoir boundary absorption on the response of the dam, leading to better understanding of these effects. This investigation emphasizes the effects of dam-foundation rock interaction compared to dam-water interaction which have already been studied extensively.
Arch dams; Seismic design; Soil-structure interactions; Impounded waters; Rock-fluid interactions; Damping; Southwestern Region (Colorado); Dam-foundation rock interactions; Frequency domain; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Dam foundations; Frequency response; Seismic effects; Seismic waves; Dynamic response; Dynamic structural analysis; Structural vibration; Dam-water interactions; Concrete dams; Morrow Point Dam; Dam design