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Summary and Results of the NIST Workshop on Proposed Guidelines for Testing and Evaluation of Seismic Isolation Systems. Held in San Francisco, California on July 25, 1994.
Shenton, H. W.
January 1996, 43 p.
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The Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published comprehensive draft guidelines for testing and evaluating seismic isolation systems. The procedures outlined in the guidelines encompass all the required tests of the isolation systems, from the early stages of development to final production tests. The principal mechanism for soliciting feedback on the draft guidelines was a workshop held on July 25, 1994 in San Francisco. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a forum for review and discussion of the draft guidelines. This report is a summary of the workshop discussions. Topics which received the most attention in the discussions were scale model testing, performance criteria, quality control testing, factors of safety, aging of isolation systems, and the sustained compression test for elastomeric systems. Recommendations were made regarding third party inspection of the test procedure, a test to evaluate the re-centering capability of the isolation system, a direct shear test for elastomeric systems, and fire rating.
Seismic design; Compression tests; Aging; Standards; Prototypes; Seismic isolation systems; Guidelines; Damping; Quality control; Vibration isolators; Earthquake resistant structures; Structural vibration; Meetings; Building codes; Design criteria; Test methods; Model tests; Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering