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Wind and Seismic Effects: Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects (30th). Held in Gaithersburg, Maryland on May 12-15, 1998.
Raufaste, N. J.
August 1998, 636 p.
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This publication is the Proceedings of the 30th Joint Meeting of the U.S.-Japan on Wind and Seismic Effects. Thirty-nine oral presentations centered on six themes: (1) Special Session in Celebration of the Panel's 30th Anniversary; (2) Storm and Surge Tsunamis; (3) Earthquake Engineering; (4) Joint Cooperative Research Program; (5) Real Time Information Acquisition and Dissemination; and (6) Wind Engineering. The Panel provides the vehicles to exchange technical data and information and design and construction of civil engineering lifelines, buildings, waterfront, and coastal structures. Panel findings continue to influence ongoing structural engineering research and contribute to the revision and creation of U.S. and Japanese building codes and standards.
Tsunamis; Dams; Coastal areas; Storm surges; Data analysis; Japan; Bridges; Earthquake resistance; Highway engineering; Design criteria; Design standards; Lifelines; Retrofitting; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Meetings; Foundations (Structures); Research programs; Seismic effects; Geotechnical engineering; Repairing; Dynamic structural analysis; Wind engineering; Structural vibration; Structural engineering; Wind effects; Wind pressure; Dynamic loads; United States