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Comparison of the Seismic Provisions of Model Building Codes and Standards to the 1994 NEHRP Recommended Provisions.
Poland, C. D.; Heintz, J. A.; Hom, D.; Iida, L.; Chung, R.
National Inst. of Standards and Technology (BFRL), Gaithersburg, MD.; Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction., August 1998, 190 p.
This report builds on the conclusions of two previous reports prepared for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST 95674 and NIST 91598). This report summarizes and documents changes in each model code or standard since the date of the last comparison report. It then compares the current version of each document to the 1994 NEHRP Provisons and renders a judgment regarding equivalence. It contains a discussion providing an overview of the comparison results and concludes with a series of tables providing a detailed side-by-side comparison of changed provisions.
NEHRP (National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program); Building codes; Earthquake engineering; National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program; Seismic design; Structural design; Comparison; Provisions; Structural engineering; Earthquake resistance structures; Federal buildings; Design criteria; Design standards; Construction materials; Dynamic structural analysis