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  • Kunreuther, H.; Lepore, J.; Miller, L.; Vinso, J.; Wilson, J.
    An Interactive Modeling System for Disaster Policy Analysis.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., cJanuary 1978, 153 p.
    Identifying Number(s): MONOGRAPH-26
    Keywords: ; Planning; Abatement; Damage assessment; Economic impacts; Businesses; Computerized simulation; Materials recovery; Insurance; Sampling; Disasters; Floods; Hazards; Data processing; Households; Government policies; Documentation; Earthquakes

  • Culver, C.
    Earthquake Related Activities of the Center for Building Technology.
    March 1977, 30 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NBSIR-76-1193
    Keywords: Structural engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Abatement; Design; Disaster mitigation; Structural design; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Disasters