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  • Seligson, H. A.; Eguchi, R. T.; Tierney, K. J.; Richmond, K.
    Chemical Hazards, Mitigation and Preparedness in Areas of High Seismic Risk: A Methodology of Estimating the Risk of Post-Earthquake Hazardous Materials Release.
    National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Buffalo, NY.; National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., November 7, 1996, 140 p.
    Keywords: Scenarios; Risk assessment; Vulnerability; Gases; Fault tree analysis; Chlorine; Public safety; Soil-structure interactions; Facilities management; Chemical plants; Plumes; Chemical hazards; Earthquake damage; Diffusion modeling; Ammonia; Damage probability matrix; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Emergency preparedness; Failure analysis; Seismic effects; Emergency plans; Hazardous materials spills; Dispersion; Mitigation; Hazards analysis