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  • Henson, B.
    UCAR Corporate Report 1992.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 1993, 59 p.
    Keywords: Storms; Atmospheric circulation; Air quality; Ecology; Government policies; University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Atmospheric physics; Air pollution; Climate; Meteorological satellites; Research projects; Greenhouse effects; Weather forecasting

  • Burger, R. M.; Massoglia, M. F.
    RANN Utilization Experience (Case Studies 22 through 31).
    National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., August 1976, 288 p.
    Keywords: Storage batteries; Case studies; Projects; Research; Atmospheric physics; Cloud seeding; Smoke; Data acquisition; Earthquakes; Technology utilization; Weather modification; Rocky Mountain Region (United States); Research utilization; Construction; Research applied to national needs; Refuse disposal; X ray fluorescence; Fire spread; Surveys; Utilization; Fires; Computers; Corridor fires; Dredging; Lithium sulfur cells; Technology; Spoil