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  • Sedarat, H.; Bertero, V. V.
    Effects of Torsion on the Linear and Nonlinear Seismic Response of Structures.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 1990, 344 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-90/12
    Keywords: Dynamic response; Dynamic structural analysis; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Structural vibration; Reinforced concrete; Shear properties; Torsion; Earth movements; Structural members; Linear systems; FACTS computer program; Concrete structures; Mathematical models; Bending moments; Seismic waves

  • Meis, R. D.; Maragakis, E. M.; Siddharthan, R.
    Behavior of Underground Piping Joints Due to Static and Dynamic Loading.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., November 2003, 262 p.
    Identifying Number(s): MCEER-03-0006
    Keywords: Underground piping; Pipes (Tubes); Static loads; Loads (Forces); Pipelines; Testing; Joints; Mechanical properties; Research programs; Stiffness; Moment rotation; Strength (Mechanics); Load displacement; Pipe joints; Dynamic loads; Bending moments

  • Witting, P. R.; Cozzarelli, F. A.
    Shape Memory Structural Dampers: Material Properties, Design and Seismic Testing.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany., May 26, 1992, 106 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-92-0013
    Keywords: ; Dynamic response; Vibration isolators; Earthquake engineering; Structural vibration; Mechanical properties; Vibration damping; Seismic effects; Structural members; Model tests; Shape memory alloys; Structural analysis; Bending moments

  • Chai, Y. H.; Priestley, M. J. N.; Seible, F.
    Flexural Retrofit of Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns by Steel Jacketing. Experimental Studies.
    California State Dept. of Transportation, Sacramento. Office of Structures Design.; California State Business and Transportation Agency, Los Angeles.; Federal Highway Administration, Sacramento, CA. California Div.; National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., October 1991, 172 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCSD/SSRP-91/06
    Keywords: ; Flexural strength; Highway maintenance; Bridge maintenance; Ductility; Earthquake damage; Reinforcement (Structures); Structural steels; Columns (Supports); Buckling; Bending moments; Retrofitting; Earthquake engineering; Reinforcing materials; Reinforced concrete; Bridge design; Deflection; Circular bodies; Design analysis; Earthquake resistant structures; Highway bridges; Structural analysis

  • Riahi, A.; Row, D. G.; Powell, G. H.
    Three Dimensional Inelastic Frame Elements for the ANSR-I Program.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 1978, 75 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-78/06
    Keywords: Computer programming; Buildings; User needs; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Earthquakes; Frames; Stiffness; Inelastic behavior; Columns (Supports); Deformation; ANSR-1 computer program; Bending moments

  • Saatcioglu, M.; Derecho, A. T.; Corley, W. G.
    Coupled Walls in Earthquake-Resistant Buildings, Modeling Techniques and Dynamic Analysis.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., June 1980, 143 p.
    Identifying Number(s): PCA-SER-1628
    Keywords: DRAIN 2D computer program; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Mechanical hysteresis; Reinforced concrete; Walls; Mathematical models; Bending moments; Dynamic structural analysis

  • Kaba, S. A.; Mahin, S. A.
    Interactive Computer Analysis Methods for Predicting the Inelastic Cyclic Behaviour of Structural Sections.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., July 1983, 115 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-83/18
    Keywords: Prestressed concrete; Mechanical hystereses; Earthquake engineering; Loads (Forces); Interactive systems; Reinforced concrete; Structural steels; Microcomputers; Computer aided analysis; Cyclic loads; Bending moments

  • Kratky, R. G.; Salvadori, M. G.
    Strength and Dynamic Characteristics of Mechanically Jointed Cast-Iron Water Pipelines.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Applied Science and Research Applications., June 1978, 48 p.
    Keywords: Failure; Rubber gaskets; Elastic properties; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Stress analysis; Pipelines; Earthquakes; Water pipes; Cast iron; Water pipelines; Tensile strength; Earth movements; Piping systems; Pipe joints; Subsurface structures; Metal pipe; Bending moments; Bolted joints; Dynamic structural analysis

  • Yang, T. Y.; Morehead, R. C.; Bogdanoff, J. L.
    Theoretical Study of the Earthquake Response of a Coal Handling Elevator Support Structure.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., April 30, 1978, 164 p.
    Keywords: Dynamic response; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Kentucky; Earthquakes; Vibration; Coal handling; Finite element analysis; Electric power plants; Paradise (Kentucky); Conveyors; Bending moments

  • Engelhardt, M. D.; Popov, E. P.
    Behavior of Long Links in Eccentrically Braced Frames.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; American Iron and Steel Inst., Washington, DC., January 1989, 415 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-89/01
    Keywords: ; Dynamic response; Plastic analysis; Steel structures; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Loads (Forces); Structural vibration; Seismic design; Frames; Test facilities; Structural members; Dynamic loads; Cyclic loads; Deformation; Shear stress; Bending moments