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Finite Element Analysis of a Seismically Excited Cylindrical Storage Tank, Ground Supported, and Partially Filled with Liquid.
Shaaban, S. H.; Nash, W. A.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Research Applied to National Needs., July 1976, 116 p.
The structure under consideration is an elastic cylindrical liquid storage tank attached to a rigid base slab. The tank is filled to an arbitrary depth with an inviscid, incompressible liquid. A finite element analysis is presented for the free vibrations of the coupled system, permitting determination of natural frequencies and associated mode shapes. The response of the partially-filled tank to artificial earthquake excitation is also determined through use of finite elements. Examples, together with program listing, are offered.
Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic waves; Storage tanks; Vibration; Earth movements; Cylindrical shells; Sloshing; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Finite element analysis; Computer programs