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Reinforced Concrete Frame 2: Seismic Testing and Analytical Correlation.
Clough, R. W.; Gidwani, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., June 1976, 174 p.
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The earthquake simulator testing and analytical correlation of the second reinforced concrete frame studied as part of the NSF project 'Energy Absorption Characteristics of Structural Systems Subjected to Earthquake Excitation' is described. This frame differed from the first only in avoiding a significant construction error, and in the sequence of earthquake tests to which it was subjected. Except for local damage attributed to the construction error of the first frame, the behavior of this frame was similar to that of the first. Damage apparently is a cumulative result of the total cyclic strain history to which the structure is subjected, and is not sensitive to the testing sequence. Adequate analytical correlation with the observed results was obtained using the same mathematical modeling concepts as were employed with Frame 1, based on a bilinear frame analysis program with a superposed first mode stiffness degradation and determination mechanism.
Reinforced concrete; Vibration; Shear properties; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Resonant frequency; Loads (Forces); Concrete construction; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis