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Dynamic Behavior of a Multistory Triangular-Shaped Building.
Petrovski, J.; Stephen, R. M.; Gartenbaum,; Bouwkamp, J. G.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., October 1976, 138 p.
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As a part of a continuing program to evaluate the dynamic response of actual structures and to accumulate a body of information on the dynamic properties of structures, especially when these structures have novel design features, a dynamic test program was conducted on the forty-story Century City Theme Tower building. The dynamic tests of the building included both a forced vibration study and an ambient vibration study. These results are compared and in general show very good correlation. A mathematical computer model of the Theme Tower was formulated and the results of the analysis are presented and compared to the experimental results. Again in general the results compare very favorably.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Los Angeles (California); Buildings; Earthquake engineering; High rise buildings; Earthquake resistant structures; Theme Tower buildings; Forced vibration; California; Resonant frequency; Mathematical models