NEHRP Clearinghouse

Summer Seismic Institute for Architectural Faculty Held at Stanford University, California on August 7-12, 1977.
Eberhard, J. P.; Kennett, E. W.; Frazier, B. D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Applied Science and Research Applications., October 1977, 307 p.
This Institute was convened for the purpose of bringing concerns of earthquake safety more broadly into the architectural community. Participants were faculty members from schools of architecture throughout the United States. Objectives of the Institute were to present basic seismic knowledge to the participants, to allow them an opportunity to apply this gained knowledge, and to develop strategies for integrating this knowledge into the curricula of schools of architecture across the country. Fourteen lecturers considered such subjects as the geological hazards of earthquakes, soils/structure interaction, earthquake risk and public policy, concepts of land use and urban planning for earthquake disaster mitigation, structural concepts related to earthquake forces, conceptual design of nonstructural systems to withstand earthquakes, architectural planning and design strategies for earthquake-resistant buildings, the challenges of seismic renovation and rehabilitation, and the impact of architectural design decisions on the performance of buildings during earthquake activity. A presentation by the John A. Blume Center at Stanford University and a demonstration of the 'shake table' allowed participants to view the effects of earthquake forces on buildings.
Seismic design; Earthquake resistant structures; Urban planning; Land use; Seismic risk; Earth movements; Structural design; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Ground motion; Design standards; Earthquakes