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Studies of Structural Response to Earthquake Ground Motion.
Lopez, O. A.; Chopra, A. K.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. Applied Science Research Applications., April 1978, 100 p.
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The response of linear elastic and nonlinear hysteretic systems having a single degree of freedom to recorded and simulated ground motions is studied. The objective is to evaluate whether the commonly used simulated motions are appropriate for predicting inelastic response of structures and elastic response of long period structures. Eight simulated motions were generated to model properties of horizontal ground motions recorded during four earthquakes. The simulated motions are sample functions of a white noise process passed through a SDOF filter and multiplied by a temporal intensity function. Two versions, corresponding to parabolic and 'standard' base line corrections (BLC), of each of the simulated and recorded accelerograms were considered.
Equations of motion; Spectral energy distribution; Earth movements; Dynamic response; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Ground motion; Theses; Loads (Forces); Earthquakes