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Engineering Data and Analyses of the Whittier, California Earthquake of January 1, 1976.
Abdel-Ghaffar, A. M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., November 1977, 260 p.
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A 4.2 magnitude earthquake occurred on 1/1/76 (09:20 PST) in the Puente Hills of eastern Los Angeles County at a depth of approximately 8 km. Eleven strong motion accelerograph records were obtained from instruments located within a 14 km radius of the epicenter which was located about 4 km north of the Whittier fault zone. Minor damage was reported. This project consists of: (1) the digitization of the 11 records, followed by processing of the raw data using the associated standard data processing programs, and (2) the analysis of the measured responses of the Brea Dam, the Whittier Building, the Carbon Canyon Dam and the reservoir of the Diemer Filter Plant. These measured responses provide an opportunity to make a number of engineering studies of earthquake response that were hitherto not possible, even though the earthquake was only a small shock from the seismological point of view.
Seismic waves; California; Whittier (California); Vibration; Diemer filter plant; Earth movements; Brea Dam; Los Angeles County (California); Whittier Building; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Buildings; Reservoirs; Resonant frequency; Carbon Canyon Dam; Dams; Earthquakes; Dynamic structural analysis