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Vibration Frequencies of Buried Pipelines (Seismic Vulnerability, Behavior and Design of Underground Piping Systems).
Wang, L. R. L.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., January 1978, 49 p.
Overall aims of this research are to develop a systematic way of assessing the adequacy and vulnerability of water/sewer distribution systems subjected to seismic loads, and also to develop future design methodologies for water/sewer systems. This paper develops and provides the basic fundamentals of dynamics of buried pipelines. The dynamic fundamentals reported include the determination of fundamental frequencies of continuously elastic-supported straight pipelines subjected to axial, torsional, and flexural motions. Various boundary conditions, which can represent the actual construction, have been considered. Using a finite element and consistent mass approach, the matrix formulation of buried pipeline is developed.
Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Pipelines; Seismic design; Earthquakes; Water pipes; Vibration; Finite element analysis; Piping systems; Subsurface structures; Design; Sewer pipes; Computer aided design