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Inelastic Dynamic Analysis of Building Frames.
Aziz, T. S.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Applied Science and Research Applications., August 1976, 230 p.
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The nonlinear dynamic behavior of building frames is considered. The study covers basic points associated with inelastic dynamic analysis procedures. A formulation for the inelastic analysis of a building frame is presented. The formulation is general enough to take into consideration different nonlinearities which might occur in a building frame on a selective basis. Two types of nonlinearities are studied: those due to material behavior and those due to geometry changes. The importance of each nonlinear effect is studied separately and those effects which might be more important than others are pointed out. Among the different effects studied are the P-delta and stability effects, the presence of gravity loads, axial deformations in the columns, joint size and nonlinear joint behavior, damping, and nonlinear soil-structure interaction. Comparisons are made between different complex, intermediate, and simple models for inelastic dynamic analysis.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Buildings; Elastic properties; Earthquake engineering; Theses; Mechanical hysteresis; Earthquakes; Soil structure interactions; Nonlinear analysis; Dynamic loads; Framed structures; Dynamic structural analysis