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Dynamic Tests of a Reinforced Concrete Building.
Galambos, T. V.; Mayes, R. L.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., June 1978, 245 p.
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An eleven-story reinforced concrete building was subjected to many cycles of sinusoidal lateral loads, which significantly altered the dynamic and structural properties of the building, and induced extensive damage to the structural frame components and the non-structured wall and stair elements. The structure and the equipment used for the tests are described. The tests ran for 138 days, and were divided into four phases: (1) measurement of the dimensional and structured properties of the building; (2) small amplitude shaking on the top floor to determine the original dynamic properties of the structure; (3) large amplitude shaking on the top floor and acquisition of the resulting data; and (4) analysis of the results. The tests demonstrated that it is feasible to mechanically cause major damage to a massive structure, and provided data that can be used to check advanced conceptual models of structural behavior under repetitive cyclic forces.
; Earthquake resistant structures; Dynamic loads; Reinforced concrete; Dynamic tests; Buildings; Cyclic loads; Concrete construction; Earthquakes