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Covariance Analysis of the Response of Buildings to Earthquake Loading. Seismic Safety of Buildings.
Binder, R.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., October 1977, 65 p.
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A procedure for predicting the second movements of the response of an elastic shear-beam building model to earthquake loading is reported. Three major sources of uncertainty in the seismic design of a building are ground motion, structure, and the response of the building, especially the method of analysis. This last problem was investigated on the assumption of know ground motion parameters and the choice of a simplified building model (shear-beam) with deterministic structural properties. A brief discussion of traditional analytical procedures precedes presentation of the Structural Response to Earthquake Loading (CASREL) method. Application of CASREL to classical cases of responses to ground motions involving both simple and complicated cases indicate that this procedure is a useful tool for predicting the second moments of the response of an elastic shear-beam model to earthquake loading. It gives exact results for elastic systems, but it is not satisfactory for computing the responses of inelastic systems. Extensive graphs, equations, and references are included.
Dynamic response; Seismic waves; Ground motion; Elastic properties; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic design; Covariance; Mathematical models; Dynamic loads; Dynamic structural analysis