NEHRP Clearinghouse

Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Concrete and Masonry Wall Buildings: Technical Resources.
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC., May 1999, 274 p.
This document is one of three to result from the ATC-43 project funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The goal of the project is to develop technically sound procedures to evaluate the effects of earthquake damage on buildings with primary lateral-force-resisting systems consisting of concrete or masonry bearing walls or infilled frames. The procedures are based on the knowledge derived from research and experience in engineering practice regarding the performance of these types of buildings and their components. The procedures require thoughtful examination and review prior to implementation. The ATC-43 project team strongly urges individual users to read all of the documents carefully to form an overall understanding of the damage evaluation procedures and repair techniques.
Damage; Buildings; Masonry; Earthquakes; Evaluation; Reinforced concrete; Walls; Stability; Safety; Technical resources; Concrete blocks; Infilled frames