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Seismic Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridges: Verification Using In-situ Tests at South Temple Bridge on Interstate 15.
Pantelides, C. P.; Gergely, J.; Marriott, N.; Reaveley, L. D.
July 2000, 200 p.
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The objectives of the in-situ tests were to: (1) determine the capacity of the bent in the as built condition; (2) determine the improvement in strength and ductility of the undamaged bent with the FRP advanced composites is feasible; this damage could have occurred after an earthquake and the transportation agency might decide to repair a bridge rather than demolish it. In addition to evaluation of capacity of the bents in the three in-situ tests described above, the study has as its objective to determine the seismic demand on a typical bent for earthquakes which are likely to occur in Salt Lake City. The final objective was the assessment of the experimental results with respect to expected performance predictions according to current seismic codes.
Damage; Performance evaluation; Seismic rehabilitation; Latera pressure; Bridge bents; Bridge maintenance; Bridges; In-situ tests; Assessment; Structural dynamics; Ductivity; Concrete structure