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Experimental Seismic Performance Evaluation of Isolation/Restraint Systems for Mechanical Equipment. Part II: Light Equipment Study.
Fathali, S.; Filiatrault, A.
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Buffalo, NY.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 13, 2007, 222 p.
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The experimental study described in this report is aimed at evaluating the seismic-performance of Isolation/Restraint (I/R) systems for light mechanical equipment. Earthquake-simulator experiments were conducted on an air-handling unit in two different conditions: supported by six I/R systems and rigidly-mounted. The test plan included seismic and system-identification tests, and incorporated different input-motion amplitudes and different I/R system properties. The test results showed that limiting the displacement of the equipment by the restraint components of the I/R systems resulted in amplification of the equipment acceleration-responses.
Mechanical equipment; Earthquake engineering; Light mechanical equipment; Earthquake-simulator experiments; Restraints; Isolation/restraint (I/R) systems; Displacement; Dynamic forces; Rubber snubbers; Amplification; Air-handling units; Dynamic loads; Gap size; Acceleration responses; Seismic performance