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Optimum Seismic Protection for New Building Construction in Eastern Metropolitan Areas. Data for Analysis of Damage to High Rise Buildings in Los Angeles.
Whitman, R. V.; Hong, S. T.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., March 1973, 10 p.
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Information was developed for input to a damage simulation study as part of the Hazards Reduction Research Assessment Study at the University of Colorado. The data, developed from the M.I.T. document of damage to buildings during the San Fernando Earthquake, includes four maps which give both replacement cost and assessed value for pre-1933 and post-1933 buildings having five stories or more. Three hundred and fifty buildings, for which there are good estimates of these values, are used to obtain average replacement cost and average assessed value for several different building height categories. These values are applied to a list of some 1500 total buildings in the area to obtain the information shown on the maps. Included are two plots of mean damage ratio vs. intensity for pre-1933 and post-1933 buildings.
Replacement costs; Los Angeles (California); Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Damage assessment; Earthquakes; Assessed values; San Fernando Earthquake; California; Maps; Assessments; Tall buildings; Cost analysis