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Static Analysis of an Embedded Pipe Subjected to Periodically Spaced Longitudinal Forces.
Parnes, R.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., August 1979, 23 p.
The dynamic response of buried pipelines to earthquakes is best expressed in terms of dynamic amplification factors, i.e. as the ratio of dynamic to statc response. In the present report, the required static response of pipes of diameter D subjected to periodic longitudinal forces at intervals L, acting in alternate directions, is obtained. Such a load pattern corresponds to the incoherent motion occurring in pipes due to earthquakes. The static displacements and interacting stresses of a pipe-soil system are established, and are found to be dependent, for a given soil, on the ratio of stiffness of the soil and pipe as well as on the aspect ratio D/L. Numerical results are presented for a series of pipes governed by the above non-dimensional parameters.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Static loads; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Pipelines; Earthquakes; Soil structure interactions; Buried pipelines; Static structural analysis; Subsurface structures; Dynamic structural analysis